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Surf + Yoga Package

Embark on a transformative surf journey with our curated packages. Dive into the waves with a daily private coaching session led by our expert instructors, who tailor their guidance to your individual skill level and goals. But it’s not just about riding the waves – our packages offer a holistic approach to well-being, and inner balance with Yoga and Movement sessions.

  •   Individual Pack:

The price includes :
- 2 daily yoga/movement classes (breathwork has an extra cost of 180k)
- 1 daily surf session:
* Pick up by bike (by car for 2 px)
* Board rental
* Surf class with coach

Total daily pack:  900 k Rp

Please check with our team the availability of this pack during your stay dates.

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Rinjani Waterfalls

Discover the four most impressive waterfalls in Lombok around the Rinjani volcano. The drive to the Rinjani Green Park takes 1 hour, plus 15 minutes by motorbike inside the park. Finally a 40-minute walk awaits where you will enjoy the nature and walk between the waterfalls. Don’t forget to take comfortable shoes and waterproof clothes!

Price for 1px: 1.025.000 Rp 2 waterfalls / 1.060.000 Rp 4 waterfalls

Price for 2px: 1.180.000 Rp 2 waterfalls / 1.240.000 Rp 4 waterfalls

Price for 3px: 1.330.000 Rp 2 waterfalls / 1.390.000 Rp 4 waterfalls

Price for 4px: 1.480.000 Rp 2 waterfalls / 1.560.000 Rp 4 waterfalls


Journey through lush green nature, rice terraces and paddies, picturesque waterfalls, learn about exotic spice plantations and discover the black Langur monkey in the Monkey Forest. This stunning tour that is surrounded breathtaking panoramic views of Rinjani Volcano takes around 7-8 hours (starting at 7 am) and picks you up and delivers you at you home in paradise which is Porter.

Price for 1px: 1.450.000 Rp

Price for 2px: 1.450.000 Rp

Price for 3px: 1.550.000 Rp

Price for 4px: 1.650.000 Rp

Day boat in Gilis

Take a day trip to Lombok’s Gili Islands. Cruise through turquoise waters, dine in a restaurant on white sand beaches & snorkel/dive amongst beautiful coral, turtles, sharks, underwater statues…finally wind down gazing over radiant sunset. The journey by car lasts hour and a half and you will have a private boat at your disposal to tour the islands.

Price for 1px: 2.500.000 Rp

Price for 2px: 2.500.000 Rp

Price for 3px: 2.800.000 Rp

Price for 4px: 3.100.000 Rp

*Video and photoshoot for an extra fee.

Secret Gilis

Discover the Secret Gilis to the west of the island. Three virgin islands where you can enjoy impressive snorkeling and white sand beaches. The journey by car lasts hour and a half and you will have a boat at your disposal to tour the islands. You will stop for lunch at a restaurant by the sea (food is not included in the price). Definetly a must-do if you like snorkling!

Price for 1px: 1.700.000 Rp

Price for 2px: 1.700.000 Rp

Price for 3px: 2.015.000 Rp

Price for 4px: 2.145.000 Rp

Local women tour

Meet Susan, Maria, Tia, Mona & Lia who will bring you closer to the local culture and make you connect with another way of living. They will show you: the local market, Kuta beaches, local school, the mosque, sunset point, the bat caves, sade village and their homes. This tour is made on a motorbike. Please wear helmet. With this initiative you will be supporting the economic empowerment of women in our community. This activity takes 4h.

Price for 1px: 220.000 Rp

Price for 2px: 440.000 Rp

Price for 3px: 660.000 Rp

Price for 4px: 880.000 Rp

Tiu Waterfall trip

Discover from the hand of our local neighbors a secret place where the local community have fun since they were kids, and still do! Be careful! The road is not easy, but our team of local women will take care of you at all times. Wear comfortable clothing, waterproof shoes. The trip will take around 2h.

Price for 1px: 195.000 Rp

Price for 2px: 390.000 Rp

Price for 3px: 585.000 Rp

Price for 4px: 780.000 Rp

Beaches tour

We will take you to Selong Belanak the absolut paradise for making your first steps into surfing!, Mawun beach, Tanjung Ann and Merese Hill the favorite place to see the sunset. Enjoy white sand beaches where there is hardly any people. The view on the way to Selong Belanak is one of the most beautiful on the island. The excursion only includes transportation.

Price for 1px: 700.000 Rp

Price for 2px: 700.000 Rp

Price for 3px: 1.025.000 Rp

Price for 4px: 1.155.000 Rp

Pink Beach

Pink Beach gets its pink tint from a natural mix of crushed, dead coral and white sand. Yes, the beach really is pink, and it’s worth checking out if you’re up for an adventure to Lombok’s remote east coast!

Price for 1px: 2.000.000 Rp

Price for 2px: 2.000.000 Rp

Price for 3px: 2.275.000 Rp

Price for 4px: 2.405.000 Rp


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We have rental motorbikes available in our hotel to explore the island!

We collaborate with the local community to provide to our guests rental motorbikes, cars & transfers in order to support local economic development.

We also have a transfer and day trips service

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