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Surf & Yoga retreats

Porter Surf & Yoga Camp

Regardless of your skill level, surfing is an activity that pits you against yourself, propels you out of your comfort zone, and delivers extraordinary sensations.

It connects you with a community of nonconformists and a formidable teacher—the sea. It challenges you to paddle against the current, sends your adrenaline soaring on the crest of a wave, and humbles you beneath its mightiest.

Throughout this journey, our instructors will be your companions (one for each individual or one for every two people), capturing moments through photos and videos for later review and learning. Above all, we promise you good vibes and exhilarating emotions.

Porter retreats Series

A curated collection of immersive experiences designed to elevate your well-being and ignite your sense of adventure.

These exclusive retreats go beyond the ordinary, offering a unique fusion of surf and yoga in collaboration with exceptional hosts. Tailored to specific dates, each series promises a journey into self-discovery and adrenaline. Our Special Retreat Series provides a bespoke opportunity to deepen your connection with nature and community and find inner serenity through yoga.

Host your retreat with us

Our proficient team is ready to help turn your envisioned retreat into reality. Whether it’s a yoga escape, a wellness getaway, a surf retreat, or any other theme, our seasoned team is at your service. Reach out now for seamless retreat planning led by our experienced planner and host.

Paloma – Our Yoga and Retreats Manager

Greetings, thrill-seekers and soul-searchers! 🌺 Get ready to embark on an epic journey with the one and only Paloma, our extraordinary host for the retreats and the responsible of our Bloom Yoga School

Paloma isn’t just a yoga teacher; she’s the wizard behind the scenes, orchestrating your dream retreat with finesse. Dive into the perfect blend of surf, sun, and serenity, as Paloma guides you through yoga & barre sessions and breathwork in case you need it.

Let Paloma be your compass, steering you towards the retreat of your dreams  (Your retreat, your way!). Whether you’re riding the waves or finding your zen on the mat, Paloma’s expertise and infectious energy will elevate your experience to new heights.

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Retreats hosts who trust on us

Serendipity retreats

9 – 16 March

Ulu retreats

8 – 14 April / 21 – 27 April

Holistic Feeling

27 April – 4 May

Dance lightly

18 – 25 May

Facing blank pages

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