Because what the world needs is more people blooming into their best version, more people stepping into their power and shining it into the world.

The jungle it’s always been for the dreamers, for the adventurers. The ones that like to think outside the box, or maybe not think too much and just LIVE. The ones that are less in their minds are more in their bodies.

Through disciplines like Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Mobility, and Movement, we aim to relax, strengthen, and bring flexibility to both body and mind. We’ll also teach breathing techniques for emotional management, self discovery, confronting the subconscious, and transforming lives.

Our classes:


45 mins

Barre is a workout influenced by Pilates, consisting of low-intensity exercises with many repetitions, all done to the rhythm of music. In Barre, we use our own body weight or various props with a slightly added weight, usually 1.5-2kg. The goal is to create a workout where the focus is not just on getting more fit; it’s about having fun while training, feeling good both inside and out, and leaving the classes with vitality and energy.

Wednesday & Saturday at 9h


75 min

Classes to disconnect, stretch, and let yourself be carried away by relaxing music. As the name suggests, it’s a gentle flow, for those days when all you need is to move slowly, quiet the mind for a while, and simply let go.

Tuesday & Friday at 17h


75 min

It is a gentle Yoga practice where we will hold floor postures for a longer period to stimulate the meridians (energy lines) and release accumulated tensions in the fascia. It’s a calm and meditative practice that will leave you floating, helping you feel your body more free and flexible. Additionally, we will conduct this class by candlelight to assist us in directing our complete attention inward.

Monday & Sunday at 18h30


75 mins

Classes to disconnect, stretch, and let yourself be carried away by relaxing music. As the name suggests, it’s a gentle flow for those days when all you need is to move slowly, quiet the mind for a while, and simply let go. At the beginning of the class, we will focus on breathing, learning different exercises to calm the nervous system.

Sunday at 10h30


60 mins

Our Vinyasa classes are a blend of movement and yoga, a flow where we move our bodies to the rhythm of breath. Poses intertwine to create a dance between body, mind, and prana—a meditation in motion. The practice centers around you, how it makes you feel, who you are when the mental clutter fades away, and it’s just you expressing through your body.

In these classes, we combine balance, strength, and openings while always looking inward. Does it feel good in your body? If so, breathe and continue. And if you get lost, if you can’t quite nail a pose (yet), if you struggle to find balance, that’s okay—smile and keep trying.

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 9h


30 mins

Pranayama or functional Breathwork exercises that you can incorporate into your daily life to balance your nervous system, regulate your entire body, connect with your intuition, return to your center, calm the mind, care for your lungs, boost your immune system, or simply get an energy boost without another cup of coffee.

Learning to control our breath and breathe well is one of the best investments we can make to enhance our quality of life. Guided meditations will include breathing guidance and sometimes visualizations with a clear purpose. If you learn to control your mind, you learn to control your world.

Tuesday & Thursday at 8h30


60 min

A yoga class combined with mobility and movement practices designed exclusively to strengthen and flex the muscles most utilized in surfing. Want to enhance your surfing? This is the perfect class for it.


Thursday & Saturday at 17h


120 mins

In these sessions, we use breath to reach altered states of consciousness. We create a safe space where you (if you have no contraindications*) just need to lie down and let your own breath guide you on a journey into the depths of your being.

We employ conscious and connected breathing, intending to ‘quiet’ our conscious mind, allowing the subconscious to surface. This breath journey can help you release, transform what needs transforming, shed layers, and get to know yourself better—connecting with your most authentic self.

Through these sessions, you’ll also assist your body in balancing the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety, altering your breathing patterns, being more connected with the present moment and your intuition, and even creating new neural pathways, letting go of limiting beliefs and negative patterns, and forming new ones.

(Nature has given us a powerful tool; we often seek help externally, but it’s within—all you need is in your hands. Everything you want to be, you can be, but first, you have to undergo a transformation, and we have within us the most potent tool for that: breath, PRANA, that vital energy connecting us to this world and other dimensions.) **THIS IS QUITE SPIRITUAL; YOUR CHOICE TO INCLUDE OR NOT.


Breathwork is overall a very safe practice but please bear in mind that like any other trauma release practice it have it’s contraindications.So please contact me before coming to the session if you have (or think you have) any of this: Cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, epilepsy or seizures in the past, recent surgery, any mental illness, if you’re taking strong meditation or if you’re pregnant. People with asthma please bring your own inhaler if you have one

¿How to prepare for your Breathwork session?

Please don’t drink coffee at least 3-4 hours before the session, try not eat at least 2 hours prior and if you do should be something very light. We strongly recommend that don’t drink alcohol or take any kind of mind altering substances at least one day before your Breathwork session. Come with an open mind and if you have any concern or anything you want to take before with the teacher please don’t hesitate on contacting her at this number: +34687116770

Wednesday at 16h

Our teacher: Paloma

Yoga and Movement Teacher (e-RYT 500), Breathwork Facilitator, and Coach.

I discovered yoga, or rather, yoga found me in 2014. I started with meditation, and then came the asanas. My mind changed so much, the connection with my intuition strengthened, and I felt so calm and powerful at the same time that I could never let it go.

I decided to embark on my first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in 2016 in Bali, where I fell in love with the practice of Vinyasa.

Over the years, I have been inspired by many incredible teachers, and currently, I blend my Vinyasa classes with movement and mobility to enhance the body’s ability to move better, connect with yourself, be more present, and increase your awareness. But most importantly, always have fun while taking care of YOU.

Life continued to teach me lessons and make me grow, so I didn’t stop at yoga. Yoga changed my life the first time, and, a few years later, conscious breathing (Breathwork) changed it again. Nowadays, I use movement, Breathwork, and coaching to help people realize how powerful they truly are. We have the power to transform ourselves and create our own reality. It’s time for us to start using that power. That is my mission and my passion: to help you transform your life and see the incredible potential that resides within you.

I can’t wait to meet you.

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